Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Class 20 and the H2O intake

At Easter dinner with my family, my brother (chiropractor/martial artist/yogi) turns to me and says "You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water a day." I though, that's a heck of a lot of water. Then he continues, finger to his chin "but since you are practicing Hot Yoga every day, you should really increase that to 75%. Yes, you should sim for intake of 75% of your body weight in ounces." WTF?

He went on to let me know that the increase will have me living in the potty for about two weeks until I reach a sort of stability.  Then I will be used to it. My sister in law thinks he is nuts and two large bottles should be enough or about a gallon a day. I did the math. I will need to drink almost 7 liters a day, or 1.71 US gallons.

I drank 2 liters yesterday and went to Pilates. I was my own personal shower. I think I will have to bring 3 towels and a squeegee for the floor if I drink more.  So as I am writing (gulp) I am on my first (gulp) liter of water today. I envision a few days and I will be wearing dresses and skirts, going comando, all for ease of expulsion. There is seriously too much of a process dealing with buttons and zippers and layers when you are on a mission to pee.

I (gulp) don't mind water. It is a neutral taste, sometimes quite refreshing beverage. How to keep track of my progress is the question. It's not that I can't count to 7, but it is hard to track when I spend most of my time working and peeing. I am using the same method I used when doing 6 Week Body Makeover (for 100oz), I have six rubber bands around my liter bottle and as I refill I remove one (more like double it around the neck). When there are no bands around the middle and I am halfway done with the bottle, I am done for the day. (GULP).

Oh, and because I like my coffee in the morning I should have an equal size cup of hot water with lemon after my coffee. That is so not going to happen today because I am drinking a sip of coffee then some water, on and off. Like anyone really wants to know this...

Oh, and Pilates Mat last night was killer. I like Jody's classes. She makes even the most grueling sets of lunges bearable. Even though I am not getting 70% through the moves, the trying is really good. I can totally tell I have abs and inner thighs this morning - ouch.

Got to run (to the WC)...

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