Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Class 8 - Hot Hot Hot Vinyasa Flow

Fighting trough the postures, again. The humidity in the room was almost like a sauna, and before Anayra turned it down halfway through class, I thought I saw a cloud forming near the duct work.

I like this class. I like the music and the full room of sweaty folks that are working it as hard as they can. I think I feel my lower back opening up some, maybe a half inch, but it is progress.  I was able to hold some of the lunges and though my legs were shaking like crazy, I was able to stand in tree and Warrior III on one leg. I may not have had the other leg resting in my inner thigh or parallel to the floor (it was more like my calf and a few inches off the floor, respectively) but this is improvement from last week when I was laying on the mat or stumbling through it.

The downfall for me was the weight bearing positions involving Down Dog, really anything that involves me supporting half my body weight (or more) on my arm(s).  It is really hard for me. I watch some of these women struggle and they are 1/2 of my size or less, and sure, relatively, I have larger muscles to deal with my larger body, but sometimes it feels like I am Atlas and gravity is playing a cruel cruel joke on me.

So Down Dog and associated postures worked for me part of the class before my elbows started hurting and I wouldn't risk pushing them further. This morning I feel like I may have asked too much of my right one, but I am sure it will feel better once I stretch and move some today.

Oh yeah, and the oddest thing: I had a few slices of red onions on my salad at lunch and they were all but coming through my skin whole in class.  I was onion girl. Previously I never noticed that I particularly smelled after I ate garlic, onions, cumin, whatever, but hot yoga had a relatively small amount of stinky food coming out my pores. It was gross, but whatever. Everyone in that room smelled of something or another. I swear I walked past one dude who smelled like hot dogs and sauerkraut. (Ewww)

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