Thursday, April 21, 2011

Classes 13, 14, 15 - Long week of Yoga

I had my laptop on my lap after yoga and dinner last night, planning on updating the blog since I have been lax this week...but....I was too tired to type. Can you believe that? I couldn't think of what to write about (mental block) something I haven't had in a long time.

Classes this week, well here's a quick recap:

Pilates Mat - holy hell the lunges and ab work is killer. I have never felt such jelly in my legs and weakness in my abs, so when we were sitting on our sacrums, legs straight 45 degrees above the floor, leaning back halfway between sitting and laying down, it was a challenge. I spent a lot of time cursing core weakness and trying to do the moves.

Bikram Yoga - I am getting better and better, at very least in the warm up, where I have more range than before. I have been trying to get myself into standing bow and have a small strap that assists. My Quads are still so tight. I need an adjustment of my left lower leg which cramps on me. I found balance in tree pose regardless! I have not done that for more than a few seconds, but this week I was able to hold through the whole count. Woohoo.

Hot Vinayasa Flow - I like Sue's voice in this class. She speaks softly and helps remind me to release the nagging thoughts that interrupt my practice. Pain pain pain in Down Dog. Trying to do Locust Pose in Bikram the night before left tenderness and pain in my elbows (imagine laying on your arms, palms and inner elbows on the mat) so weight on my arms was terrible. Sue showed me I could modify into Dolphin Pose (down dog but on elbows and forearms instead of palms).

I am going to a Barken class this evening, taught by my big bro John. Last week it was HOT and fast, but I expect nothing less. I want to progress faster than my body is letting me, a frustrating situation for sure, but I just try to keep it one posture at a time. If I am not able to do a move today or this week or this month, if I keep in the practice, eventually I will get there. Still I just wish I was sans belly right now so I could get my head to my damn knee already!

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