Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The New 60 Adventure

A while back I said I was going to get into a new 60 day thing, and so I have. I just finished day 2 in fact. What is the adventure?

Hot Yoga. 60 Classes, 60 Days.

A room heated to 105-110 degrees (that's 40.5 - 43.3 Celsius folks). Add 60% humidity and you have my little room of magical hell...I mean heaven, but for now, hell.

I did a Pilates Yoga Fusion class on Monday, day one, and my abs are definitely under all that fat. I feel them today, especially when I went to try the balancing series in my Bikram class today - dear Lord. I got so dizzy over and over I ended up on the mat so I wouldn't fall. I will get better. I am no guru, in fact I a quite a mess really.  But I try my best and do what I can with the body I have. The body I am intent on changing one sweaty yoga class at a time.

I am the picture of a rosy beginner, but I made it through the class without vomiting or leaving the room to escape to the cool air of the lobby. Three other beginners left during the sitting series. I may have been on my tummy, but I was holding out and trying my best.

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