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Recovering well

It has been 2.5 weeks since the accident and I am feeling better, still not great, but much better than week one.  Sneezing/coughing/hiccups suck, but at least I can get myself out of bed/the car/a chair/the floor without aid and usually without a groan. I am going to try to get back to yoga this weekend.

I am not sure about doing down-anything with the left side of my body; the thought actually gives me chills.  Though people keep saying don't push yourself, if I don't, well, I am naturally the kind of person who would not push myself into perpetual couch-potatoness.

I am gearing up for the summer, another juice fast, and a few weddings. Seems Memorial Day is quickly approaching and my plans for a summer fast (July-August) are nearing. It will be here before I know it. Just like the last time, I have to slowly ween myself of some stuff (ahem, coffee) and pair down on the meats. It will take about a month to get ready then it is BANZAI Breville! I am excited and it will be jus…


I never made it to class on Saturday. I ended up in a motorcycle accident that was totally unavoidable.

I was following 2 cars. The one in front decided to suddenly make a left, without a blinker, and the car behind him jammed on his brakes and swerved right to avoid hitting him. I grabbed my brakes, on the gravel, and laid the bike down to avoid hitting the cars. I slid/rolled about 30 feet and the bike did to.

I got up, in shock and pain in my chest, and was able to get to my bike and get it up with the help of 3 bystanders. We got it off the road and one of the onlookers went to try to go after the idiot that made the left. That person never came back with anyone. I refused to go to the hospital though I apparently looked like I should: bloody face, ripped jacket and pants, bleeding knees. Instead I called my Hubs and he and my sister came to get me. He drove my bike home and my sis took me to the house.

I should have gone to the hospital because I was in killer pain as soon as the…

Class 22 and 23

After the sick class, I had a bit better of a time in 22. It was with John, and I was able to more moves. Thursday was also day one of my cycle, and suddenly the sickness of the night before and the weakness all made more sense. Duh! In Vinyasa Flow I dealt with it and took some rest, but in all it was fine.

Friday morning Bikram was also fine. I was able to grab my feet in standing bow, and I stayed up for one set of standing head to knee. It was something for me. I felt great. After class I was energized.