Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I never made it to class on Saturday. I ended up in a motorcycle accident that was totally unavoidable.

I was following 2 cars. The one in front decided to suddenly make a left, without a blinker, and the car behind him jammed on his brakes and swerved right to avoid hitting him. I grabbed my brakes, on the gravel, and laid the bike down to avoid hitting the cars. I slid/rolled about 30 feet and the bike did to.

I got up, in shock and pain in my chest, and was able to get to my bike and get it up with the help of 3 bystanders. We got it off the road and one of the onlookers went to try to go after the idiot that made the left. That person never came back with anyone. I refused to go to the hospital though I apparently looked like I should: bloody face, ripped jacket and pants, bleeding knees. Instead I called my Hubs and he and my sister came to get me. He drove my bike home and my sis took me to the house.

I should have gone to the hospital because I was in killer pain as soon as the adrenalin wore off. Thank heaven for pain meds. I had some laying around from surgery last year and a friend gave me some other meds, so I was able to dull the pain for a while. I went to get x-rays Monday and to the Doc to have him look me over. My brother, the chiropractor helped me out. Looks like I have 2 fractured ribs and some torn muscles and bruises all over. I had no protruding bones and the fractures are more like twisted ribs. Thankfully I was wearing a jacket, thick jeans and boots. I may need a new jacket, new jeans, and new boots, but I don't need new limbs. I may have damaged cosmetic parts of my bike, but I am alive.

I will be taking some time off daily yoga.  At least until I can move around without sharp pain in my chest and in my leg.  My MD gave me pain meds to help with the daily moving around right now, and they make me a bit woozy. I want to work from home until my face heals up too. Ugh. Set-backs are temporary.

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