Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sugar (ding ding ding, ding ding) Awww Honey Honey

Honey in coffee is not the same!

First thought: Bleck!
Second thought: Maybe, ugh! Eww.
Third thought: Maybe I can get used to plain black coffee.

Sugar is my nemesis. Don't get me wrong, I am not a sweets-type. I don't go for the baked goods and candy as much as the chips and salsa. If I never had a cookie again I would be alright.

But I like sugar in my coffee and iced tea. I like sugar on my grapefruit and cereal. I like adding a tablespoon to my pot of tomato or meat sauce and a dash in my chili. I like these almond crescent Christmas cookies my mom makes and rolls in superfine sugar and the apple crumb cake she makes in the fall (the latter are once in a while, but in excess when they are around). White sugar, not brown, totally processed into granulated nirvana.

Maybe that is too far. I have tried to get into the Purevia and Truvia and Stevia and Splenda bandwagons. I blanch at the nastiness of the first two, the off-taste of the third and the downright processed headache-inducing last. Honey, or bee-vomit as my Vegan friends say (ugh, the thought grosses me out), is my friend and I love it in tea and oatmeal. I really like it in Greek yogurt and maybe a piece of toast. But in coffee, hells no.

Someone at work suggested honey as a alternative sugar for coffee (and real maple syrup another). This is not the first time I have heard this, in fact I have seen it added at Starbucks and Panera, and watched with awe. Who are these weirdos?

Since I have two different kinds of liquid gold at my desk, I tried. It is not the same. At all.

Perhaps I will get used to it. I want to stop the 3 spoons of sugar I add to my black coffee. Perhaps stop the Large Black 4 sugars from D&D (when I splurge on a coffee out).  I can do this, I guess.

I just have to get over the oddity of flavor and, strangely, texture, first. Or else I can try adding milk, or Cow Puss-filled Lactate as my brother informed me (seriously ruining dairy for me). Black. I can always go Black.

I hear you never go back.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Morning Juicers

Over the weekend I made that all-to-familiar trip to the Farmers Market and stocked up on juiceables, minus a watermelon (which rang up as $9.80 @ .50 a pound!).  The whole cart cost me about $22.50 and included everything from Apples to Zucchini.  I am lucky to live in a place where this market is permanent and open year-round, and it saves me so much over the Supermarket (except for that watermelon that I got for $5.99) and 3x for Whole Foods.

I am rebooting. Again.

I found myself craving my morning and lunch juice rituals, so I jumped in again. Tis the season!  Juicing/Vegging when all the the produce is in season? Good for body and wallet! For breakfast, the lovely shade of pink helps pick me up on this Monday morning; lunch looks like liquid chlorophyll kale-zucchini-apple-ginger-lemon. Dinner will be salad, grilled veggies, we'll see.

In other news, I just took out all my summer clothes from last year and am glad my shorts all fit. I thought for sure that the winter baking season completely corrupted me. They are snug though, but give me a few weeks and I am back in the game!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Universe is Wise

I get a note from "The Universe" everyday. It used to be I would have to find it through meditation or that AhHa moment of realization, more often than not it would come to me while laying in bed at night replaying the events of the day and thinking about how I want tomorrow to be even better. Some greater part of the Universe speaking to me in the twilight moments of the day -- Om ॐ  and all that.

Now it comes by email. (I love technology)

OK, well, Mike Dooley, author of Notes from the Universe and New Thought guru, actually sends the emails to me, and about 30,000 other people who have signed up for the notes from his site  They are pre-measured doses of good thought in the morning, and after a while of getting them, this one came in last week and it resonated with my life and this blog:

How adventurous would life be, Lynette, if you were "challenge free"? If you had the perfect body, perfect self-esteem, everyone adored you, and you won the lottery every Sunday?


Now what if, painful as they may temporarily be, you could choose a life during which challenges might arise whenever your thinking needed expansion, on the sole condition that every one of them could be overcome no matter how daunting they may at first seem?

Everything makes you more,
    The Universe

Yes. Totally agree with you Universe. That is what I try to get at in each challenge I accept and in each one I face. 

As much as it would totally rock my world to win the lotto and be perfect all the time, it must be kind of boring and those things would not hold much value.  Working for a living makes me really appreciate my time-off and encourages me to make the most out of my vacations. Would I have talked the Hubs into a road-trip adventure around the Pacific Northwest for our honeymoon or would we have gone on the typical cruise/island vacation? Would I have tons of "stuff" in my life? Perpetual clutter of physical things and of too many friends? 

Heck, it is good that we are imperfect. Overcoming things gives us that much more self-worth and strength. I am glad my chastising Super-Ego and realistic Ego to tamp down that hedonistic Id. Otherwise I may give myself over to complete chaos, the Seven Deadly Sins, and complete boredom. Sure, sometime we chastise and tamp-down too far, but there still is that bit of anarchy that pushes right back.

Here's to balance in your life.  Here's to getting over the challenges in your life whether with grace or with klutzy pratfalls. Any mountain can be moved one stone at a time.

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