Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sugar (ding ding ding, ding ding) Awww Honey Honey

Honey in coffee is not the same!

First thought: Bleck!
Second thought: Maybe, ugh! Eww.
Third thought: Maybe I can get used to plain black coffee.

Sugar is my nemesis. Don't get me wrong, I am not a sweets-type. I don't go for the baked goods and candy as much as the chips and salsa. If I never had a cookie again I would be alright.

But I like sugar in my coffee and iced tea. I like sugar on my grapefruit and cereal. I like adding a tablespoon to my pot of tomato or meat sauce and a dash in my chili. I like these almond crescent Christmas cookies my mom makes and rolls in superfine sugar and the apple crumb cake she makes in the fall (the latter are once in a while, but in excess when they are around). White sugar, not brown, totally processed into granulated nirvana.

Maybe that is too far. I have tried to get into the Purevia and Truvia and Stevia and Splenda bandwagons. I blanch at the nastiness of the first two, the off-taste of the third and the downright processed headache-inducing last. Honey, or bee-vomit as my Vegan friends say (ugh, the thought grosses me out), is my friend and I love it in tea and oatmeal. I really like it in Greek yogurt and maybe a piece of toast. But in coffee, hells no.

Someone at work suggested honey as a alternative sugar for coffee (and real maple syrup another). This is not the first time I have heard this, in fact I have seen it added at Starbucks and Panera, and watched with awe. Who are these weirdos?

Since I have two different kinds of liquid gold at my desk, I tried. It is not the same. At all.

Perhaps I will get used to it. I want to stop the 3 spoons of sugar I add to my black coffee. Perhaps stop the Large Black 4 sugars from D&D (when I splurge on a coffee out).  I can do this, I guess.

I just have to get over the oddity of flavor and, strangely, texture, first. Or else I can try adding milk, or Cow Puss-filled Lactate as my brother informed me (seriously ruining dairy for me). Black. I can always go Black.

I hear you never go back.

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