Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What do you need?

I have gotten a flood of new traffic to the blog over the past week and it has been humbling. Thank you for your emails and the interest in juicing! I think it was a highlight of my life so far and will be of yours too. It is not something you forget.

I wanted to pop in and as what you need.  What will help you? I know a lot of people are starting reboots and fasts out there, and I am here to lend a hand if I can. Are their topics you would like covered? More explanation in areas? New ideas? Bring me some topics and I will gladly see what I can do.


  1. well, shucks, i was looking forward to seeing what others said here, but nobody has commented. i suspect that they have a way of reaching you that i don't know about. :-)

    in the meantime, my juice feast officially started today!!!

    i've been preparing my body for a full month now and it's been tough. there hasn't been a day that i haven't been detoxing. that tells me just how much sickness was in my body that's trying to get out.

    i would love support and am so glad you asked. i guess as time goes on, i'll have plenty of questions and issues that i'd like to discuss so if this comment section could just be open to suggestions as we go, i would seriously appreciate that. after all, i'll be at this until october.

    hope you are doing well, lynette. are you currently working the reboot?


  2. THANK YOU so much for sharing! I've done juice fasts in the past, but never long enough to really change my eating patterns, retrain the brain, I guess. I'm getting ready for another juice fast, and am going to take this one very seriously. I have a local buddy who is going through this, too. After the fast, will come off it VERY slowly, transitioning to a mostly raw diet. Your blog is very inspirational. Again, thank you!

  3. Jenn - Detox sucks. I know it did for me, and if I were to do it right now I would have a headache like you wouldn't believe! I am not working the reboot. I am actually working on getting some more protein in my system with some whey based powders. I am trying to tone and trim, way too much exercise to fast. (I have gotten more responses on my YouTube channel and via email/Facebook, but anytime you need something, just ask, I come back here eventually!) How are you doing on the fast?

  4. KLM - you are welcome! I am glad you are doing something for yourself. This was amazing for me, and after the wedding I am attending on Saturday, I am working towards going 50%-70% raw myself! Good Luck!

  5. Hi Lynette:

    I made it to day 30! Woot! Woot!

    Phase 1 done. I'm feeling good and going strong and still have every intention of making it to day 92.

    I had a yoga class today that I thought was going to be my usual gentle yoga class but our teacher didn't come and the replacement kicked our hindparts! It wasn't what I was expecting but ended up loving it, was feeling so strong and felt like a million bucks.

    I think I've lost 50 pounds so far - with a bit more than 20 coming from my preparation period, so that's cool. I don't own a scale - one more thing in an effort to calm the nuttiness around my weight issues.

    I don't facebook, so if you could update us here every once in a while, I'd LOVE to hear how things are going for you.


  6. Good for you Jenn! That is wonderful!

    I am sorry about the blog slackage, I have a new post page open and I am having writers block. I will update soon!

  7. I'm starting my juice fast at the end of this week and have been perusing your blog. Thanks so much for it!
    I don't really have any topics for you, but just wanted to let you know that I'm reading!

  8. Hi Lynette!

    Here we are and time is just movin' on by.

    Guess what? Today is day 60 for me. Sixty days of juice. I've lost about 68 pounds (22 of those pounds during the preparation). I'm feeling great and ready to finish this off with a bang. I'll be breaking my fast with a green smoothie on October 10th, only 32 more days to go.

    How are you doing? Again, I know nothing 'cause I'm not a facebooker.

    Hope you are doing great!


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