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We didn't start the fire, but are looking to fan the flames

Welcome back juice fans...and others who may be finding this website by way of the class I teach or the business cards I just made up. (seriously, this blog is far more than any student I have should ever want to know about their teacher, so please do not read it all till after we are no longer acquainted for I blush easily at the sheer detail contained within. So, loving student, I am human, I bleed, and I would appreciate you reading your homework rather than the details of my life.)

So, Welcome, pull up a chair and a coffee, stay a while.

I am back on my juice mornings, back in the writing game, and have been teaching and working a lot these past few months. Now that school is winding down for the semester, I find I need to come back here to blog a bit.

In challenge news, I have been cooking up a new one.  The Hubs has his own challenge, becoming a hot yogi by way of Fireshaper, and I am trying to wrap my head around beginning a writer's circle. The challenge is getting back to…