Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We didn't start the fire, but are looking to fan the flames

Welcome back juice fans...and others who may be finding this website by way of the class I teach or the business cards I just made up. (seriously, this blog is far more than any student I have should ever want to know about their teacher, so please do not read it all till after we are no longer acquainted for I blush easily at the sheer detail contained within. So, loving student, I am human, I bleed, and I would appreciate you reading your homework rather than the details of my life.)

So, Welcome, pull up a chair and a coffee, stay a while.

I am back on my juice mornings, back in the writing game, and have been teaching and working a lot these past few months. Now that school is winding down for the semester, I find I need to come back here to blog a bit.

In challenge news, I have been cooking up a new one.  The Hubs has his own challenge, becoming a hot yogi by way of Fireshaper, and I am trying to wrap my head around beginning a writer's circle. The challenge is getting back to writing for myself, not comments on papers, not comments for work, not emails, but maybe this blog.

Getting back to writing on the regular (not the sporadic nighttime brain-dumps of late), is something that I always talk about, but I have used the excuse of a day-job on the computer, a night reading papers and prepping for class, and too much other stuff to do, that it usually gets pushed back to the way-back of the invisible to-do list I never get around to writing.

I am spending the weekend, well 4 days starting tomorrow, at a Tony Robbins seminar - Unleash The Power Within.  I've seen his stuff and have heard bits and pieces of his dogma for many years. I have marvelled at his giant size, both physically and presently - he owns a room with such genuineness that it bowls you over. I had the opportunity to go, and The Hubs and I forked over the cash (which was hard to part with), because we both want something more for ourselves and think he might help turn our minds on and get our inner fires burning.

Hey, it's theory. Oprah loves him, and while I may not agree with everything she does, I do think she (even in the most successful and seemingly fulfilled state of being) found even more to her own journey after attending one of his workshops, that I think I can find a few nuggets within my own average existence to start a little fire under my own ass.

So Welcome again. Let's see if this baby burns.

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