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I am a Firewalker.

I had such an outstanding time at the seminar this past weekend. It was amazing. I am now a Fire Walker as I completed the walk across the bed of red-hot coals in the wee hours of Friday morning! Woo!

It was far-out. I though nothing of doing the Fire walk before I actually was standing in front of it. My mind told me that millions of people have participated in this tradition over the centuries, so of course I could do it. When I was actually down by the fire at 2am and saw the glow of the embers, the red crackling glow, I flashed back to camping - The Marshmallow Incident - and the 2nd degree burns that incapacitated all the fingers on my left hand for 2 months. I got into "state" and just went for it anyway, believing in my soul that I must make it across, and I totally rocked it.

The Hubs was behind me and as I celebrated at the end I watched him barreling towards me over the coals. They totally had to stop him to wipe his feet because he wanted to keep on walking.  It w…