Monday, April 2, 2012

I am a Firewalker.

I had such an outstanding time at the seminar this past weekend. It was amazing. I am now a Fire Walker as I completed the walk across the bed of red-hot coals in the wee hours of Friday morning! Woo!

It was far-out. I though nothing of doing the Fire walk before I actually was standing in front of it. My mind told me that millions of people have participated in this tradition over the centuries, so of course I could do it. When I was actually down by the fire at 2am and saw the glow of the embers, the red crackling glow, I flashed back to camping - The Marshmallow Incident - and the 2nd degree burns that incapacitated all the fingers on my left hand for 2 months. I got into "state" and just went for it anyway, believing in my soul that I must make it across, and I totally rocked it.

The Hubs was behind me and as I celebrated at the end I watched him barreling towards me over the coals. They totally had to stop him to wipe his feet because he wanted to keep on walking.  It was so awesome. I want to do it again!

I learned that focus, energy, determination and visualization of the outcome will get you through the biggest bed of hot coals in life.

You can only get burned, quite literally, if you spend time wallowing and focusing on those hot points. It is much better to picture the end and keep going.

I met some great people, gave hundreds of hugs to complete strangers, massaged them too, and danced and danced and screamed and clapped for hours. I got over shit that had been holding me back for years. 

It was outstanding.

In the next few days I am going to be revisiting my notes here on this blog, trying to work out the endless hours I spent in the expo hall engaged in this process. I want to go back again, perhaps after sleeping for a week or two. Then again, sleep-deprived or not, this was the most powerful weekend of my life thus far.

I rock.

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