Friday, May 25, 2012

Post-Hangout Replay

Wow. I am flabbergasted by the amazing people I met through this journey so far. Andy, Jimmy, John, Michael, Tony - what guys to know. Handsome devils with golden hearts! I have such respect for the freaking outstanding things you all have done in your lives! Tony Robbins, you lovable high-strung giant (wink), your passion for giving of yourself, for pushing people to see their own stories and helping them recognize there are other, more empowering stories that is also their truth, is inspiring. In one hour online, you have managed to reach out to a collective of people and share just an ounce of the flood of information you have to give.

As for what I gained, well, aside from the real-world - let your dog visit the neighbors if you are ever streaming live to the internet and talking to Tony Robbins - I learned that my own self-talk past is shared among many of us. I may have thought I was all those horrid things, but in reality, I am my own worst critic/enemy/liar. I may act lazy/crazy/ugly sometimes, but not all the time. It is not the foundation of my being. I may do some boneheaded things, but in reality I am woman with a post-graduate education and witty to boot. And damn if I am not a sexy powerful woman!

Hell yes I would do this again.  I hope Tony really does get in touch regarding the Wounded Warriors project. I know first-hand how completely yoga can transform, and for soldiers returning from war, at war with themselves, it has the ability to teach them to meet and release some of their demons. It can also show those who have suffered physical injury/loss, that they can find a new state of normal, and that normal may be different, but perhaps just as amazing as well.

Much love!

The replay:


  1. I recently found your blog and I really like it. I like your honesty & positivity. I'm currently doing a 60 day juice fast & I was googling around when I found a forum where several ladies said they had significant hair loss after the fast. Did that happen to you?

    1. Angela, thanks for reading. I did have lots of hairloss. I think it was because of the protein and Omega fatty acid loss. If I were to fast again for 60 days or more, I would add protein powder once a day and Omegas.

    2. Oh, but I recovered. Forgot that part!


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