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2.4 - working from home has downfalls

I worked from home today. The temptations are absolutely ridiculous. So what did I do? I worked upstairs in my bedroom all day and only walked downstairs to let the pooches out. I grabbed my breakfast juice and went upstairs.

I think this must be a problem for more than just me. Doesn't your fridge call you?  At least I just let it call me for juice today.  Bad news is I only got the breakfast juice in me today...and I'm getting hungry. Really Hungry.  I made another juice for lunch but it contains a big clove of garlic and I have dance class tonight (Swing/Foxtrot). Nothing says bad dance partner like garlic breath!

Here's the breakfast:
 In all this is a great juice. The zest from the lime gave it a bit of something extra. I did this because the fruit was going to be too sweet on their own. Drinking stuff too sweet is not good for me, as history has shown.  Therefore I have also added an Acidophilus pro-biotic to my regimen as well. This will help balance my system to …

2.3 - The challenge of everyone else eating around you

Day 3 has been better than I could have expected. Last night I broke and had a cup of Thai coconut tomato soup - totally not juice, totally processed, totally upsetting, but totally delicious.

For me to break so soon was disappointing. I chose to have the soup and not another juice because I needed something to make the headache go away. The instant I was done with the small cup, my head started to feel better. It probably was psychosomatic and as I recollect the night, the smell of my husband's spicy chicken homney soup was KILLING my will. My sister's killer salad was driving me nuts.

In all, it was my own mind that was doing the obsessing, and I should have removed myself from the situation and taken a walk. I should have stopped to think more about why I was juicing and what my goals are for this 60 day period. I broke for a moment and the less than 5 minutes for 8oz of warm soup has left me with hours of remorse. Totally not worth the self-grief.

Why I was morning my wil…

Reboot 2.2 - Boy this is tough.

Boy, the headache is annoying.  I have had it since yesterday morning and it left me for the 4 hours the Advil was in my system last night so I could teach my class. I don't want to take drugs - this is a detox after all, but the light and sound was getting to me to the point where I considered canceling class to avoid hearing myself talk.

It is more dull than anything else at the moment, and I guess exacerbated by forgetting my glasses at home, something I attribute to my fasting mind-cloud. If there is anything I learned from the 60 day fast I did is that the first 3-8 days are covered by a bit of a fog; when it clears -- boy is that amazing!  You just have to put up with the BS that is going on in your system as it tries to accept something other than processed solid food. Sometimes the fog is thick and dense, leaving you struggling to find your keys and words; other times it is like a cloudy day where you can find humor in the shape of the clouds -- look that one looks like an…

Fast/Reboot 2.1 - It begins/What a Weekend!

All my good work preparing was for naught. On Friday I took the day off, planning to relax and watch crappy TV all day. I rolled over in bed and saw The Hubs still sleeping (he should have been at work for an hour at this point) and he says "Surprise! I took the day off. Get up and pack a bag, we're going away for the weekend."  What? Woot!

I was surprised and excited as we headed out to the Poconos for the weekend. We went antiquing, shopping, and touring. Really that translates to shopping, shopping, and driving to more shopping!  I didn't spend a lot, but he let me do whatever I wanted and did not complain at all for my endless walking and browsing.  We took a ride all the way from the Poconos to Lancaster. PA Amish country on Saturday. There we went to a brewery, Amish furniture place, and market. Back in the Poconos, we ate at at Hickory Valley Farm Restaurant two mornings in a row, their famous "Ham and Eggs Served In The Pan" was eggs and kielbasa fo…

Pre-Fast is going well thus far

Now 4 days into my pre-fast prep, I am doing alright. I am not 100% vegetarian: I had some fish and some noodles yesterday and a spicy chicken hominy soup, though I gave my bits of chicken to my ever-thankful dogs and cats.  In short, it's got to be better than the meat-at-every meal from last week. No bacon or beef in sight folks.

The hardest part of this for me is giving up coffee. I have struggled with this in the past. My caffeine addiction is really bad. I cling to news that coffee is actually good for you like a downing man clings to a life-preserver. I love the taste, smell, and effect on my mood. It is a drug for sure.

Wednesday I drank no coffee. I had a mild headache and was a bumbling fool as I tried to teach my class Wednesday night. I tripped over words like "prepositional" and "methodological" while reading aloud. That is seriously embarrassing for an English teacher. Not to mention I was asked by 2 students before the class started if I was alrig…

Gearing up by Vegging Out

Hello World, It's me again. I can't believe how long it's been since my last blog entry!

In this past winter, I have done a lot of hunkering down with a blanket, a coffee, and a load of papers to grade.  Spring will be here in days (though Mother Nature is gracing us with snow today), and I am gearing up for my next fast/Reboot blast starting today.

What's the plan? 

Like my last 60 day fast, I will be doing a heck of a lot of juicing and blogging. Unlike my first fast, I am going to be vegging-out for 3-4 days every 10 days of juice (3 times total), with the last 20 days being a straight juice fast.  Vegging Out means salads and veggies, some fruits, keeping it raw and fresh, for a few days in the middle of consecutive juice blasts, for a period of 60 days total.  I've blocked out my calendar and have shifted plans to start March 25th - May 24.

How are you preparing?

Today, a week before the first 10 day juice faze, begins with veggies and more veggies. I am spendin…