Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2.3 - The challenge of everyone else eating around you

Day 3 has been better than I could have expected. Last night I broke and had a cup of Thai coconut tomato soup - totally not juice, totally processed, totally upsetting, but totally delicious.

For me to break so soon was disappointing. I chose to have the soup and not another juice because I needed something to make the headache go away. The instant I was done with the small cup, my head started to feel better. It probably was psychosomatic and as I recollect the night, the smell of my husband's spicy chicken homney soup was KILLING my will. My sister's killer salad was driving me nuts.

In all, it was my own mind that was doing the obsessing, and I should have removed myself from the situation and taken a walk. I should have stopped to think more about why I was juicing and what my goals are for this 60 day period. I broke for a moment and the less than 5 minutes for 8oz of warm soup has left me with hours of remorse. Totally not worth the self-grief.

Why I was morning my willpower, I made today's juices:
L-R: Grapefruit Orange Apple Lime, Tomato Fennel Garlic Cucumber Apple Cilantro, Spinach Romaine Carrot Lime

The breakfast citrus blast was AMAZING! I loved it. I used the most sickly looking citrus in my fridge - the kind I would not think is good enough for snacking (I like my citrus firm like softballs).  I will do this again. Two oranges, one red grapefruit, two apples and one lime made 2 pints of juice! YOU REMOVE THE RINDS. In case any crazy person thinks the pith is delicious (I used to eat it instead of the fruit when I was a kid), it makes a bitter juice. Not a bad thing every once in a while, but in general, the rind (or most of it) should not be on the fruit when you send it down the chute.

The lunch juice tastes like cold pizza to me - then again you are talking to a woman who lived off juice for 2 months straight and enjoys this stuff. It is the garlic. This mix is 2 big tomatoes, a quarter Anise (Fennel) bulb and greens, half a cucumber, an apple, a bunch of sad-looking cilantro and a clove of garlic. Some people hate it, I love it.  I added a pinch of black pepper and some sea salt and it is freaking good. I may smell like garlic for days.

I didn't sample the green juice yet, but it smells fairly strong of green (if that is a thing). A whole bag of spinach and head of Romaine lettuce barely made a pint in my Breville!  I added 2 carrots and a small lime, then cut the mix with some coconut water to make two pints for my sister and self.

To answer a question I got via email, I have added Udo's oil to a few green juices to get my Omega's and DHA. I shed like a Labrador last fast, so I am adding the oil and a few supplements to try to avoid that. I have just started Bee Caps (a Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly, Raw Honey mix). For drinks other than juice: Green tea, once a day, Lemon tea in the evenings and mornings, and Lemon water during the night.

Any tips? Any supplement I should check out?

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