Thursday, March 28, 2013

2.4 - working from home has downfalls

I worked from home today. The temptations are absolutely ridiculous. So what did I do? I worked upstairs in my bedroom all day and only walked downstairs to let the pooches out. I grabbed my breakfast juice and went upstairs.

I think this must be a problem for more than just me. Doesn't your fridge call you?  At least I just let it call me for juice today.  Bad news is I only got the breakfast juice in me today...and I'm getting hungry. Really Hungry.  I made another juice for lunch but it contains a big clove of garlic and I have dance class tonight (Swing/Foxtrot). Nothing says bad dance partner like garlic breath!

Here's the breakfast:
Apple Pear Asian Pear whole Lime Orange
 In all this is a great juice. The zest from the lime gave it a bit of something extra. I did this because the fruit was going to be too sweet on their own. Drinking stuff too sweet is not good for me, as history has shown.  Therefore I have also added an Acidophilus pro-biotic to my regimen as well. This will help balance my system to avoid the dreaded thrush.

How am I dealing with hunger? With hiding at the moment. We have dance tonight and I know afterwards we usually go to the diner for dinner. That has been the thing to do for the past year. Tip: Make new habits. So tonight we will come home and I will down that garlicky goodness while The Hubs finds something to eat.

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