Monday, March 25, 2013

Fast/Reboot 2.1 - It begins/What a Weekend!

All my good work preparing was for naught. On Friday I took the day off, planning to relax and watch crappy TV all day. I rolled over in bed and saw The Hubs still sleeping (he should have been at work for an hour at this point) and he says "Surprise! I took the day off. Get up and pack a bag, we're going away for the weekend."  What? Woot!

I was surprised and excited as we headed out to the Poconos for the weekend. We went antiquing, shopping, and touring. Really that translates to shopping, shopping, and driving to more shopping!  I didn't spend a lot, but he let me do whatever I wanted and did not complain at all for my endless walking and browsing.  We took a ride all the way from the Poconos to Lancaster. PA Amish country on Saturday. There we went to a brewery, Amish furniture place, and market. Back in the Poconos, we ate at at Hickory Valley Farm Restaurant two mornings in a row, their famous "Ham and Eggs Served In The Pan" was eggs and kielbasa for me:

I only ate one egg and one piece of kielbasa...and coffee! I broke down and totally had a cup each morning. I am too easy.

We went to our favorite restaurant in the Pocono area, The Chophouse, which changed hands and is now known as The Frogtown Chophouse. Petite Filet Mignon for me and a regular for Leo, with some grilled salad and baked sweet potato - it was devine and I was happy to celebrate my birthday in style:
In all, I had a great time. I got 3 new dresses, sizes lower than the clothes I brought with me. That was a freaking amazing thing. I actually need to get the above altered as I apparently do not have the heft up top to keep it from shifting off my shoulders!

That continues today with the start of my morning juice -

Pineapple Asian Pear Apple Lemon Coconut Water
Golden Yum
For the first time in all my juicing history, I made this last night before bed. Actually, I made 3 of them because my sister and The Hubs wanted to try juicing in the morning.  It tastes like sunshine happiness. Totally too sweet to be an every day thing, but I needed to kick this thing off right.

Will update on the afternoon juice later, but it will be very green, I assure you.


  1. I ran across this blog randomly today as I start to concider doing a juice fast. I started reading from 2010 all the way up until today. You are really amazing I don't know if I would last a couple days let alone 60!

  2. Megan, thanks for the kind words. I am sort of a vet when it comes to juicing, but the commitment is always the part that concerns me too. I hope you find your inner something that can carry you through a fast (maybe of 3 days?). Be well!


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