Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pre-Fast is going well thus far

Now 4 days into my pre-fast prep, I am doing alright. I am not 100% vegetarian: I had some fish and some noodles yesterday and a spicy chicken hominy soup, though I gave my bits of chicken to my ever-thankful dogs and cats.  In short, it's got to be better than the meat-at-every meal from last week. No bacon or beef in sight folks.

The hardest part of this for me is giving up coffee. I have struggled with this in the past. My caffeine addiction is really bad. I cling to news that coffee is actually good for you like a downing man clings to a life-preserver. I love the taste, smell, and effect on my mood. It is a drug for sure.

Wednesday I drank no coffee. I had a mild headache and was a bumbling fool as I tried to teach my class Wednesday night. I tripped over words like "prepositional" and "methodological" while reading aloud. That is seriously embarrassing for an English teacher. Not to mention I was asked by 2 students before the class started if I was alright since I looked like I was in a really bad mood.

This morning it is better, though I am still missing my Joe, Java, Juan Valdez...dreams of hot black liquid satisfaction. Again, coffee addict over here.

Today is an honeybell orange for breakfast, an apple as a snack - Mama Nature really makes good stuff!
 For lunch, as almost usual, I am having a salad.
It is a too-big combo of baby kale, spring mix, extra firm tofu, peppers, onion, edamame, and a black bean corn mix that was on the salad bar in my work cafeteria. I needed a little O/V + S/P for my base mix and this little something extra caught my eye.

You might see a little goat cheese in there too, I'm not gonna lie - I added a few crumbles because I feel bad that it is in my fridge and it won't last till after the fast portion; I hate wasting money.

What are you doing to get more healthy? Let me know.

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