Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reboot 2.2 - Boy this is tough.

Boy, the headache is annoying.  I have had it since yesterday morning and it left me for the 4 hours the Advil was in my system last night so I could teach my class. I don't want to take drugs - this is a detox after all, but the light and sound was getting to me to the point where I considered canceling class to avoid hearing myself talk.

It is more dull than anything else at the moment, and I guess exacerbated by forgetting my glasses at home, something I attribute to my fasting mind-cloud. If there is anything I learned from the 60 day fast I did is that the first 3-8 days are covered by a bit of a fog; when it clears -- boy is that amazing!  You just have to put up with the BS that is going on in your system as it tries to accept something other than processed solid food. Sometimes the fog is thick and dense, leaving you struggling to find your keys and words; other times it is like a cloudy day where you can find humor in the shape of the clouds -- look that one looks like an apple pie...damn you clouds.

Anyway, to the JUICE!

Last night:
Spinach Zucchini Celery Tomato Yellow Bell Pepper
It was very green, mild, and filling. I brought it to class as it happened to be my dinner time, and I was surprised that there were very few comments over the liquid green I was drinking.

Last night was another night of making juice for the next day. I find that putting it in these mason jars and filling it up to the brim so that when you add the cap it squishes out the side, is the best way of keeping as much air out as possible. The air is what ruins the juice.

The down fall is the interesting look of the containers in the morning:
Left-right: Lemon tea w/honey, Carrot Ginger Pear, Kale Cucumber Spinach Tomato Apple
I have taken to drinking hot lemon tea in the morning. It is holding place of the hot coffee I so love. The carrot juice is sweeter, so I have it in the morning, and it takes me the whole damn morning to drink. As I type this I have about a half-inch of it left before I switch to the big green mama.

All they need is a good shake:
Now that juice looks much better...
Much smoother, much prettier. This is the good stuff.

Hope you are having a great day. If you know any interesting combos, let me know in the comments.

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