Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2.16 - Success and not so much

I haven't blogged in several days, due to the trip and my catch-up Monday (seriously email and teaching overload). The bright sunshine outside and more than mild weather is part of a happiness cocktail, and I'm drinking deep today.

To fill in the success (and not) of the weekend - I juiced eery morning (YAY) and ate mostly veggies and fish (YAY) but there was instances of ice cream and buffalo wings.  I also may have had a beer or 10 over 4 days. Caught up in Ocean City beauty and eating out, I made some choices and they were delicious if not ideal.  Living is not easy sometimes.

Yesterday and today I am back on the juice. I ran out the door yesterday with a liquid-salad concoction ala my sister (thanks) and an almond milk + Green Vibrance powder (freeze-dried and powdered greens). Mint shake it was not, but it was filling.

Other than this, I left my teaching job hungry as heck. I came home and ate a whole bowl of edamame. Totally not part of my juice day, but there you have it. I get home after 8pm on Monday and Wednesday, so it was not ideal to break the juice. Today, however, I am a woman on a mission.

I started the day with the always pretty pineapple strawberry juice, and have another liquid salad on deck for this evening.


  1. Hi Lynette, I watched Fat, Sick and nearly dead over the weekend and am getting geared up to start my own juice fast journey. I've read all your juice fast posts and I feel I may qualify as a cyber stalker at this point! For newbies like me (my first juicer is being delivered tomorrow), would you suggest slowly getting into juicing by doing one juice a day for a week, or just going for it whole hog? Also, where did you find those great tall ball jars? I want! -StardustAimee

  2. StardustAimee,

    It is a pleasure being cyber stalked by you! I went fully into juicing after I spent a little more than a week cutting out caffeine, sugar, meat, and junk. That was the first fast. If you are going to eat and juice, do a green juice. If you are going to fully go for it, more power to you! I would encourage you to get some start blood work done and speak to a professional (doc or homeopath). It is the one thing I regret not doing at the very start. I am excited for you! Oh, and check out the Tools of my fast page for updates on the cups and stuff. I'm working on that today.

  3. Thanks for doing your blog, I love that you just wing it on recipes, tweaking them to your tastes. But seriously, no coffee??? That's it, I'm out! Just kidding. No decaf either? Sad face.

    Okay, I CAN DO THIS! I CAN! I just had a check up and blood work in January so I'm good to go. I'm starting on Monday 4/15 and doing at least 5 days. I am going to do this smart, weaning myself off of coffee, meat, dairy and breads/pastas over the next 5 days. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!

  4. Houston, we have a problem.
    I tried the Mean Green Juice recipe from the reboot website and was not a fan. Maybe too much celery or ginger? I'm not going to let it burst my bubble though, i just need to find a green lunch/dinner drink that I'll look forward to drinking. Do you have a suggestion for a winner?
    See? Totally cyber stalking you.

  5. Aimee, The Mean Green is also not my favorite. I like it sans ginger and plus one clove garlic. Pretty much love garlic in green juices because it reminds me of food. Some people can not tolerate it though because it is strong! If you are looking for green and mild, try zuccini (or cucumber) bell pepper a lot of romaine (or spinach) apple (or 2) then a peeled lime. It is green and pretty good. I adjust apple to strength of greens. For instance, in today's post (coming later) I used 2 apples with Kale and Red Swiss Chard (strong greens). If you are a garlic fan, Tomato Zuccini Basil Celery Fennel Garlic is like drinking pizza - or at least as close to pizza as a juice fast gets!
    Everything beyond fruit juice is an aquired taste. They take getting used to, but they are effective if you get them down! I like what you said - Suck it up, Buttercup.

  6. Where did you go? I'm on day two and am LOVING my Cuppow lid and tall jars. Thanks for the tip!

  7. You caught me! I updated just for you Aimee. I am glad you love those lids and jars. I have replaced my glasses at home with them and my friends love them.


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