Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2.6-9 - 4 DAYS OF POSTS!

I am not sure how to tell you this, but I totally ate Easter Weekend. I juiced in the AM and ate PM. I wanted to partake in the festivities at an impromptu BBQ on Saturday (and hour away from my juicer in the woods), so I made juice for the car on the way out: Citrus Blast! Grapefruit, Orange, Lime

On Easter Sunday, I had a green juice for breakfast and forgot to get a pic. We went to the movies in the morning and I totally had some popcorn but avoided the soda and snacks.  Then later in the day I made some cod and potatoes for my Easter dinner and Filet Mignon for the Hubs. Nothing to report other than I was missing the energy I got from a day of juice.

Monday was awesome. April Fools Day wasn't always the brightest day in the past, but the sun was out and warm and I was revved up! It was almost 65 degrees! My lovely sister got some guys to mulch my yard (she is the best) and the outside now looks like we care for it. All around it was a great day. I had some vanilla Almond milk with cinnamon for breakfast (fav drink ever).

I forgot to photo my juice until it was almost gone. It was Pineapple Apple Orange - and it was good, of course, though it really took nearly 3 hours to finish while I taught.

Today is a repeat of the sun and happiness. I am working from home, something that presents challenges and freedoms. I was able to sign on early this morning, bang out a bunch of work before my day should have started, and I was done at 4 (well, never done, but I stopped). I made an awesome juice Strawberry Pineapple Pear
I know right? How pretty does this look?  For dinner I am having a liquid salad - whatever is turning in the fridge (I think Kale Zucchini Bell Pepper Fennel Garlic Celery). I am doing more juice tomorrow, but will be away for 4 days doing some sort of vegetarianism with some fish in that time to appease my aunt and uncle. I insisted on bringing my juicer, so we will try to get some juice in too. I am still planning it out. 

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