Friday, April 25, 2014

A week down and OMG I am in love with my Basis Band

Is it possible to love a piece of personal tech more than my iPhone? More than my Rotadent toothbrush?

I think there is...

My Basis Carbon Steel is my new best friend. It is the best friend that gets me off the couch, out of my cubical, taking the stairs...

I am getting active again to hit real goals. Starting with what is achievable and moving to ever larger goals, I am on my way.

Here is this morning:

My longest goal to date is taking 2000 steps before noon.  Coming from a place where I get ready, drive into the office and sit at a desk for 9 hours. On the 2 days I teach, I may do 2 hours of standing in the evening, but that is really nothing. By all accounts, I was doing nothing but becoming more and more lazy.

What I really like about the Basis band is that it is passively encouraging me to move. Because I can graph and track the metrics (I am all about metrics in my business), this is personal magic.

If you look above, you can see the almost 30 minute walk I took this morning. It was just around my neighborhood, a few hills, and some of this fresh Spring air. It was actually fun.Why haven't I done this all the rest of the days in my life?

Well, I have, for a week, taken that walk. I feel better for it. I have also made it a goal to move around every hour and not sit like a lump. So far, so good.

Here is a snap of some of my goals:

I am excited to make each habit turn green. I am excited to see what happens when I wear this to Fireshaper for a Hot Yoga class. The perspiration meter will think I am swimming!

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