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Playing the metrics game

I had Basis Band success last week: All goals met and exceeded. 
So I upped my goals:  Morning Lap: walk 2.5k steps before noon x2 a week (thought I shoot for daily habit)Evening Lap: walk 1.5k steps after 5pm x2 a week (though I shoot for daily habit)Don't be a Sitter: get up and move between the hours for 9am-5pm, not idle for more than 1hr)Move It: get active for at least 30 mins a day In all, I have really made the effort to choose active over passive activity, trying to add to my numbers and hit the basic goal of 10k steps a day. Coming into this I realize I have become sedentary over my adult life. As a kid I took 13 years of ballet, 7 of Jazz, 4 of tap, I acted in theater, I played softball (not well), did a few 5k charity events and I took step-class at the YMCA. As a post-college adult, I rarely, if ever, did anything more than walk a mall. Go to work, sit; get in car, drive; get home, sit and eat; go to party, sit and drink; go to bar, go to play, go to movie - no wonder …