Friday, May 2, 2014

Playing the metrics game

I had Basis Band success last week: All goals met and exceeded. 

So I upped my goals: 
  • Morning Lap: walk 2.5k steps before noon x2 a week (thought I shoot for daily habit)
  • Evening Lap: walk 1.5k steps after 5pm x2 a week (though I shoot for daily habit)
  • Don't be a Sitter: get up and move between the hours for 9am-5pm, not idle for more than 1hr)
  • Move It: get active for at least 30 mins a day
In all, I have really made the effort to choose active over passive activity, trying to add to my numbers and hit the basic goal of 10k steps a day. Coming into this I realize I have become sedentary over my adult life. As a kid I took 13 years of ballet, 7 of Jazz, 4 of tap, I acted in theater, I played softball (not well), did a few 5k charity events and I took step-class at the YMCA. As a post-college adult, I rarely, if ever, did anything more than walk a mall. Go to work, sit; get in car, drive; get home, sit and eat; go to party, sit and drink; go to bar, go to play, go to movie - no wonder my ass was going to hell.

This past weekend I did a Fireshaper Blaze class on Saturday morning and it was so tough after being out of it for a while. I only made it through 50% of the standing parts as my head spun and I almost hit my mat. That heat is a beast, but so helpful in loosening my tight muscles.

My Basis band did not register the activity as active: the Blaze class will get your heart rate up and your sweat poring out, but it is "slow and hold" as far as movement.  The overall calorie burn spikes in the morning showed that I did something good for myself even if it was not "active" activity.

I want to show you Sunday:

Sunday we took a drive to Asbury Park and walked the boardwalk, stumbled upon a Restaurant week tour (did not participate as it was sold weeks in advance) and found ourselves walking through Ocean Grove and turning around at Bradley Beach. We put in some time outside in the great weather and walked a bunch. 

The rest of the week has been not as active, though I was able to get planting done yesterday and the Hubs spent the entire day lugging buckets of mulch (around 3.2k lbs or 4 cubic yards!) up and down a flight of stairs and into flower beds around the property. I wonder if he were wearing this Basis band how many step/calories he burned!

With the rain we had this week I was not so much in the walking mood, so Question - How do you get into the workout spirit in dreary weather?

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