Thursday, June 30, 2016

KonMari - Least likely to be a bag lady (Clothes cont...)

All my bags, and the combined junk within them
Today, we are still on the clothing: accessories. My bag collection is limited. I am not a collector, and I rarely carry a bag. I'm always least likely to win during baby and bridal shower "What's in your Bag" games where you get a long list and points for every random item you can produce from your purse. 

While the purse collection is very small, the book-bags and computer bags are many. They are legion.  I recently tossed 3 rolling computer bags and 2 backpacks, only to produce 2 more backpacks, 3 messenger bags, and 2 computer sleeves in my closet. 

The KonMari process helped me go through this amount and put half in the donate pile. I am moving closer to a garage sale at my house this coming month. Marie Kondo empties her bag every night, and places the contents in the same place every night so they can be grabbed in the morning in a new bag if required. As you can tell from the pile in the box bottom right, I do not. That is mainly from my teaching and work bags, but I found 6 lip balms and 3 lipsticks in 6 bags, 2 spoons from my kitchen, more pens than a Staples, and 2 spare USB battery packs among junk.

It felt good doing this because I knew several of the bags were stored with their contents and papers from last semester. I even had stuff from last year when I taught my last class at ECC. I have learned:

  1. I never need to purchase a pen, highlighter, marker, or pencil again for the rest of my life.
  2. I have more staplers than hands to use them.
  3. I like to buy gum or mints, eat one or two, and then let the rest sit around until they should be tossed in the garbage. 
  4. Stop buying gum and mints.
  5. I have 4 Barnes & Nobel $25 gift cards I forgot about.
I tossed most of that pile of sheer bag garbage and housed the rest (including spoons), all over the house. 

As a professional tidier, Kondo does not believe in spending money anymore on storage solutions. She had fancy boxes and organizers in the past, but she finds them a way to hide clutter in most cases. She re-purposes shoe boxes and lids for many things instead. So I took two lids to cases of paper, and papered them. 

These covered lids came out great with some old paper I found hidden behind a cubical at work a long time ago.

They turned out to be the perfect solution for storing my bags (top) and shorts (bottom). All my extra hangers (so many) are hanging above the empty closet floor. When this process is finished, I imagine getting rid of most of them and using that hanging space to hang once worn clothes to air out. It is no secret that getting more than one wear out of your clothing before washing will increase the longevity by maintaining fabric integrity, but I want them to not touch clean clothes. I used to put these on my dresser or hang them over my mirror, but I think they will be happier in the closet now that there is air and list in there. 

I also attacked my hats and scarves and gloves. My mom is the best because she crochets hats in record time and has made me many over the years. I love them all, but wear only some. I looked them over and decided to let go of half. I also let go of 2 scarves and 2 pairs of gloves. I now have enough for winter without being excessive to store.

Tomorrow I will do my jewelry and shoes. This is going to be the most difficult of the clothing because much of the jewelry is real and sentimental. I hardly wear it daily, but will pull out a necklace or earnings when I go out or to work. Since I now work mostly from home, I don't even go out of the house all that often. The shoes? I get rid of them fairly often, but I have been known to hold on to fancy heels (because I never wear them out) and Vibram FiveFingers (because I'd loved every pair I have).

Till then, do you carry a bag? How do you think your process of discarding would be this far? Let me know in the comments.

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