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KonMari, Paper - What do you keep, why do you keep it, and when to letgo

Do you keep nice, organized files? Do you have stacks of bills around the house? Do you keep pieces of paper just in case you need them one day? Love notes? 
Are you a grown-ass adult still holding on to their elementary school paperwork?
Oh, no? That's just me than...
I don't think that I will ever have to prove how smart I was as a kid, but I have my Talented and Gifted award from elementary school. I kept this with my Presidential Fitness Award, Safety Patrol Award, and Student Leadership awards. I had every single scholastic test result from primary and secondary school. I had almost every glowing report card till grade 11.
Among these, I also found school newspapers and creative writing magazines. When I was a kid, I was usually included in these publications because I was “advanced” as a creative writer. Yet these staple-bound copy-machine creations were absent of my childhood creativity. Why the hell did I keep them in the first place?
The more important question for me to …

KonMari - Does this blog make me look preachy?

We have too much stuff.

Here is a general statement - we retain a lot of stuff we don't need. Our capitalistic culture wants us to keep buying more stuff. Our culture wants us to keep up with the Jones, to memorialize moments in sourviers, to buy storage solutions for our things, maybe hold grudges and emotional baggage of guilt associated with gifts and hand-me-downs. We keep to preserve but to also avoid loss.
Last night after reading a really hysterical piece of satire about the influx of the KonMari and minimalism into our culture, I started to feel bad that I was step-by-step processing my belongings in this method and it was a bit...gross.
I had that same reservation when I took my first photo for this segment of the blog - my entire wardrobe on my bed.
Can you imagine I looked at this, at one time thankful for the bounty that allowed me all these clothes, but also horrified at my own horde. "Oh, poor me. I have too much stuff and I can't manage it all like a normal…

KonMari - The 'wait' of books weighing me down

It is now Tuesday, and I am finished with my bedroom books, finally! I have pared downfrom 436 books to about 45 books(!) plus a stack of adult coloring books. Before we get there, I want to walk through the process for me.
In the last blog you saw me in my home-cleaning mode: overwhelmed and dusty.
I dumped the contents of my bookcase, the piles off my dresser, the stack that was in my closet from my thesis research, the scattered books I had stored in the secretary downstairs. I can't believe how many there were.
I had so many other things squeezed in these books: notes, journals, photos, handouts, magazines, manuals, audio book CDs, a few DVDs for teaching, 2 more B&N gift cards, a stock lens for my DSLR, and what can best be described as 'in-case-I-need-it' paperwork. 

I could not organize into the categories Marie Kondo suggests. She thinks one can move general books and text books, reference books and fiction, into piles and work trough them in categories. I cou…

KonMari - Friday night - Wild Book Orgy!

Yeah, that's what I'm calling the HUGE pile of book/magazine drama happening in my bedroom. Sexy, I know. Soooo many books! So many kinds! So much DUST! AhChoooo!

 Enjoy my little vid with yesterday's hair, naked face and my shame...

If I survive,I will write about what I discard and what I keep. If I don't, please take care of Leo and the animals. I love you all.

What would your pile of books look like? Tell me: what do you read? Do you love books like I love books? Can you let them go? How do you store them?

KonMari - Cooking with Lynette

Kondo and I have the same love of books. She begins by saying that this is one of the harder categories because many people, even those who aren't voracious readers, feel connected to their books. I have had a book problem all my life, especially through college as an English major. Once I was old enough to afford my own books, I bought.

I was never a library person and preferred to own when possible. The reasons flit between the ease of online shopping to hating returning books to the library. When the books are yours, you can do whatever you want with them. I can take months to read some books, and for cookbooks, they are reference material for ever.
The photos are lovely in cookbooks! Some are so vivid that one can almost smell the aroma of the dish pictured and the glossy image draws water to ones mouth. They are so lovey, but there are so many cookbooks out there to love. The internet has only gotten better over the years, so my addiction to these tasty books has wavered; I …

KonMari - Walk a mile in my shoes and here, wear my Pashmina and belt

I hope you all had a relaxing Independence Day weekend. I am back to the grind both at work and in tidying. I did not do a thing in the house all weekend, in fact, I was out of the house Saturday through Monday at events I didn't host! Since our Memorial Day party has amassed 100+ guests a year, I am happy as a clam that I can go to someone else's BBQ and bring a little something.

So Where Are We?

I am finishing off the clothing section today. I have a bunch of things for the garage sale (I also just set the date for Friday September 9th and Saturday September 10th, 8am-3pm). No clothing, that was all donated to organizations that could use them, but I have bags, purses, jewelry, hats, and now shoes, scarves, and belts.

A note on my shoe collection...

I am a proud member of The Society for Barefoot Living (SBL). When I join it about 10 years ago, I was barefoot much of my non-work time. I am not wearing shoes now and rarely wear them at home. I tried early on, to go to the mal…

KonMari - all that glitters, piles up over the years

Jewelry tends to collect. I have nice pieces, mainly gifts from my husband, given over 18 years of holidays. I have some pieces from when I was a child, many from my aunt who loved QVC. My grandmother handed me down amber antiques and pearl earrings, and I love all of my good jewelry because they remind me of places and people who are no longer with me
Then there is all the other crap. I have junky jewelry and trinkets collected over 30 years. I guess we all have this mix of cheap things and real things. Before you think about robbing my home, none of my good things are there. You'd have to hit up the safety deposit box for anything worth more than $80, including my engagement and wedding rings because neither fit like my tattooed ring does. Here is the state of disorganization of the crap.

I spread the lot onto the bed and spent well over 3 hours sorting through what I have, what I love and the stuff I am not sure about. It is amazing how much I have collected over the years! As …