Friday, July 1, 2016

KonMari - all that glitters, piles up over the years

Jewelry tends to collect. I have nice pieces, mainly gifts from my husband, given over 18 years of holidays. I have some pieces from when I was a child, many from my aunt who loved QVC. My grandmother handed me down amber antiques and pearl earrings, and I love all of my good jewelry because they remind me of places and people who are no longer with me

Then there is all the other crap. I have junky jewelry and trinkets collected over 30 years. I guess we all have this mix of cheap things and real things. Before you think about robbing my home, none of my good things are there. You'd have to hit up the safety deposit box for anything worth more than $80, including my engagement and wedding rings because neither fit like my tattooed ring does.
My standing cabinet
Here is the state of disorganization of the crap.

My boxes of assorted necklaces and bobbles
I spread the lot onto the bed and spent well over 3 hours sorting through what I have, what I love and the stuff I am not sure about. It is amazing how much I have collected over the years! As part of this process, I realize that I am not wearing things I claimed to love when I aquired them. I have all sorts of things I have only worn one, and some that I know I never wore,

Take for example my pins.

I have many from my mother-in-law, grandmother, mom, and antique hunting trips.Some are Leo's, from his father. I never wear them but for 3x a year when I wear a specific sweater or blazer. I love how they look; I think sometimes "I'm gonna be a woman who wears sassy pins" and I never do.

They spark joy, but not in the same way that other things do. I think I will get rid of them at some point, but for now, I have kept them along with a lot of clip-on antique costume jewelry. Kondo would not approve.

She is nuts when it comes to some items. She breathes minimalism, for sure, and how she descries her living space is the stuff of monastery living. Sparse and bare, she finds little joy in things with a history. The positive part of the process is that I don't have to love like that. For know I can identify that I have joy in these items but can revisit them in time and see if I am ready to part with them or not. For now the clip ons and pins represent nostalgic fantasy.

As much as Kondo is nuts, I found a lot more to discard than I ever thought possible. I must have found over 50 items. Some, like the fake rhinestones I wore to my prom, or the fake Claire's specials I bought in middle school, are long past due to discard. Other items, like the necklace I bought two vacations ago, are beautifully current but somehow joyless for me. They are great, but for someone else.

I wanted to share this last picture because it represents the depths of ridiculous items I own, and one I have kept in my jewelry box for well over a decade. It is an ancient yoyo. I think I bought it at a museum long ago. It doubles as a pet rock. It is a rock wrapped in leather and attached to a elastic band. It is much that it is on the to-go pile. I don't have that image, but I am having a garage sale mid July and you can see some of the really great items that I am ready to let go of today. There are a few nice real gold or silver pieces in the mix that I never wear anymore.

Next time, after the holiday weekend, I will go through my shoes. I never got to them this round. I thought I would be done with all the clothing category by the 4th, but I have a super packed weekend. I hope you do as well.

Till next you have a horde of cheap jewelry? Have you kept all the things you have ever gotten? 

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