Thursday, July 7, 2016

KonMari - Cooking with Lynette

Kondo and I have the same love of books. She begins by saying that this is one of the harder categories because many people, even those who aren't voracious readers, feel connected to their books. I have had a book problem all my life, especially through college as an English major. Once I was old enough to afford my own books, I bought.

I was never a library person and preferred to own when possible. The reasons flit between the ease of online shopping to hating returning books to the library. When the books are yours, you can do whatever you want with them. I can take months to read some books, and for cookbooks, they are reference material for ever.

The photos are lovely in cookbooks! Some are so vivid that one can almost smell the aroma of the dish pictured and the glossy image draws water to ones mouth. They are so lovey, but there are so many cookbooks out there to love. The internet has only gotten better over the years, so my addiction to these tasty books has wavered; I can find everything online when I know the end product--the world's best meatloaf, check; the world's best lasagna ever, double check; super dark chocolate cake, check check check.

Now, when I am not sure what to cook or I am planning an adventurous week, I go to the books and food-porn myself into a plan. Or I have books on specific styles I needed for a time: juicing, Indian, bartending, entertaining.

Here are the all the cookbooks and food-books from the kitchen and bar. 

The pile on the left is going into the sale pile. They represent good intentions, good diets, and food-memories. I once tried to make all the cookies in Martha Stewart's book, but found I like my nostalgic family recipes more. I tried to make cupcakes when they were the trend, and I found I hate them (they are fussy and too much work). During my 60-day juice fast, I learned tons from my juicing books, but now I know what I like and can make juice on the fly without recipes. 

For Tyler's book (which is great), I have loved a lot of recipes, but I do not need most of the book. So, I photographed the ones I really love and can now sell the book. In case you are thinking about something new, here are my personal favorites:

Those scallops use speck, my favorite of the bacon family. I think they can be served alone or with whipped mashed potatoes. 

I have many good memories with these books, but I am a competent cook who rarely uses recipes on the daily. I surely have my share on my "To Make" board on Pinterest 

Tomorrow I am starting the books I keep up in my bedroom. As I have said, I have over 150 books already in my store, and I have linked that in the tabs above on this site in case you want to buy a book! 

My garage sale is set for September 9th and 10th, so we have a strong deadline to finish this purge. I've finished 2 Garage Sale tips audio books in the meantime, and have learned that I need to spend some time before the sale cleaning the goods to try to sell for the best price. It will not be a cheap-stuff sale, because I have tossed the trash and saved only things that can totally live on in someone's home. That home is no longer mine because I have duplicates or more loved items in their place.

Until tomorrow, what is your cookbook collection like? Do you cook? Are you in love with any online recipe that I should be in love with too? (If so, please share the link in the comments!)

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