About me

I am a 38-year-young woman who spent far too much time talking about writing and not enough time doing it. That changed forever after I attended Unleash the Power Within in 2012.

I currently work in a Big 4 professional services organization's marketing department, being the big meany in risk management that kills creativity and questions the nature of words like "expert" "seamless" and "firm". This is the complete opposite from the other life I lead as a college English instructor who spends the night encouraging the ink to flow and all hell to break loose on the page.

I have been married for 9 years, but was engaged for 8.5 years, and have dated my now-husband since 1998, so I guess you have an idea about the procrastination aspect of my personality.  I just want to be really sure when I do something permanent. That said, I am an avid tattoo collector, ride a chopper, and hope to one day, when they'll let me, jump out of that perfectly good airplane.  I fancy myself an outgoing and friendly sort of goofball who will talk to strangers, despite her mother's warnings. I love adventure and excitement, but in matters personal and close to my heart, I am very sensitive and reserved. Please keep your bigotry, hate, and -isms to yourself as I am not willing to entertain them here.

Peace, Love, and Understanding,

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