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Making Juice

I need recipes, HELP!

Calm yourself. Breathe. You do not need to follow specific recipes to still gain benefits from juicing. I'll give you some hints that worked for me:

 #1 Keep like colors with like

This was logical and a matter of appearance. Adding carrot to a green juice makes something that looks like mud. Adding beets to something that was green was also muddy-looking. It may have tasted ok, but I walked around feeling less-than-jazzed every time I looked at the cup.

You will want to drink something that looks exciting.

#2 Fruit blends in the AM, Green-veggies for the rest of the day

This is more logic, but also science. In the morning, the sugars and enzymes in fruit is processed fast and helps pick you up. It also starts moving things along in your digestive system. I was always happier with a vivid, happy fruit juice first thing.

Later in the day, when you are working and more awake, green juice keeps you going. Your more awake mind will not groan at the sometimes "green" flavor as much because you know you are doing something great for yourself.

The other reason for only one sweet juice (fruit juice) a day is the sugar content.  Sure they taste great, but you would overwork your pancreas with the amount of sugar you are consuming. You will also risk an overgrowth of candida yeast in your system causing ugly and painful oral thrush or other imbalance of bacteria in your body. If you are consuming sweeter juices, I suggest also taking acidophilus probiotics.

#3 Don't overdo any one veggie/fruit

This comes from experience. You may come to have allergic reactions from too much of a good thing, or you could limit the range of nutrition you are getting. Juice everything in moderation and mix new items into standard base juices to see what works

Standard Base Juices

These are safe bets to start a juice with (pick one or two):
Apple (any type)
Romaine lettuce
Bell peppers
Tomato (not bottled)

Add sparingly due to stronger flavor or sweetness:
Anise (Fennel)

Add a little to kick it up:
Garlic clove
Half lemon
Ginger chunk
Pepper (hot)
Fresh Herbs

#4 Don't Juice Everything.

I learned the hard way that certain things are not for juicing, unless you are doing it for a reason (they say there is cancer reducing benefits to drinking 1/4C of cauliflower juice a day, but tastes just awful).

If you are looking to totally juice, not blend smoothie-style in blender or Vitamix, steer clear of berries, bananas, mango, kiwi, or other soft fruit. They mush too much and you don't get as much juice as you'd like. The cost-per-juice is way high with berries, unless you got them free.

Cruciferous veggies (cauliflower, broccoli) are strong in flavor, caution.

Here is my short list of no-no veggies:
String Beans
Potato (white)

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